Strategy and business development

We start our product development task whit SITUATION ANALYSIS.This includes operating on the one hand:

Experience buying through trial purchases, telephone and online quotes staff and efficiency checks

  • we look at the cost-effectiveness of existing suppliers

  • improving the efficiency of F&B and other areas in terms of margin, material

  • utilization and rotation speed

  • subject to internal control

On the other hand, it includes an examination of sales efficiency:

  • utilization, average price, and revpar

  • revenue and yield management as well as distribution and channel management

Third, we look at marketing:

  • for search engine marketing optimization

  • by rank in search engine rankings and portals

  • summarizing guest reviews, examining the opinions of professional opinion

  • using social media

Finally, we carry out product development by developing and implementing a complete PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY. The strategy includes a revenue and efficiency improvement plan and a money back guarantee.